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This is our story, 

In 2018 the plastic problem was being broadcasted and talked about everywhere.  Our plastic problem did not just become a problem, China, who had for years bought our problem had announced that they were no longer going to buy our plastic.  We now had to sit on our plastic, we, especially in Alberta, had no practical way to deal with it. 

Then the ZERO waste movement really started to flood my social media feed.  People were living their life and were proud to show that all their garbage for an entire year fit in a mason jar.  I looked at these people and in a fit of insanity decided that WE, my family of 5, 1 being a new baby, COULD DO THIS!  I gathered my reusable bags, all the jars I could find and was bound and determined that we were going to fit our one-year worth of garbage into a mason jar too!

I think it took a week, probably less than a week that I found myself frustrated, angry, disappointed and even depressed.  This way of life was not possible for our family, not even close. 

I threw in the towel and gave myself some time to “heal”. Once I felt better, I looked around our house and decided that we may not be zero waste, however every little thing we COULD do would make an impact.  I started with the small changes. We bought our clothes second hand (we had already been doing this for years anyway), our kids no longer received juice boxes for school lunch, they each received a reusable water bottle we had in the drawer.  We started composting, stopped using saran wrap and zip lock bags and buying most food in bulk and at our local greenhouses. 

We became more intentional of what we brought into our home – simple math Less in = Less out.

These small changes were easy but I wanted to do more.  Again, I found myself examining our day-to-day activities and what we used the most and where improvements could be made. Why could we not refill our laundry detergent? Why did I have to buy our dish soap in these huge bottles?  How many shampoo and conditioner bottles were we “recycling” each month?  We had 2 young daughters; the rate of speed shampoo was being wasted was alarming. 

I found these fantastic shops in other cities called “refilleries”.  There was a solution to my problem out there, however, the closest was two hours away.  That was not convenient or practical.  I looked at BULK buying options for our family (20 Litres worth) but who has room for that?  Also, variety IS the SPICE of life!  Using the same product for the rest of my life was not very appealing not to mention, we are a family of sensitive skin, finding products that don’t make us itch could be difficult.

To solve our problem and what I assumed was the same problem for thousands of others, Roots Refillery was born. 

The vision of Roots Refillery came together like it was meant to be.

We researched for months to ensure we are partnering with the best Canadian companies to bring our customers in Medicine Hat and beyond the best products for them and their budget and that fits their lifestyle. 

All of our products are free of harmful chemicals, gentle and good for you.  Majority of the companies we have partnered with are Certified B Corporations meaning that they are companies that source their ingredients both socially and environmentally responsibly.  Products that you feel good about enjoying.

Refilling is a new way to shop and we know that there are lots of questions.  Please read our FAQ and if we have not answered your questions, feel free to send us a message and we will respond as soon as possible. 

Whether you are wanting to reduce plastic waste, reduce clutter in your home, save money and/or feel confident in the products you bring into your home, Roots Refillery will take care of you!

We are so excited to see this dream come to life!  Thank you for being a part of the Roots family.



family Roots Refillery

~ Crystal and Colin Metz