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Elate Cosmetics

Elate Blush Balm

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Colour outside the lines with Elate's hydrating Blush Balm.

Use the creamy, colourful formula on cheeks, eyes or lips.

Elate's Blush Balm marries hydration with protection from environmental pollutants. Made with Evening Primrose Oil, a healing ingredient for acne, eczema and wrinkles, Blush Balm is packed with essential fatty acids. Plus, bamboo stem extract enhances skin elasticity and suppleness.

Pat on or under your cheekbones with a fingertip and blend, or colour outside the lines, and use this creamy, colourful formula on eyes or lips. Apply with a brush to diffuse colour, and glow on.

Your Blush Balm will fill half of Elate's Essential Palette, or a quarter of their Capsule Palette - leaving room to add the rest of your beauty ritual products. Alternatively, use the packaging your product arrives in as a fully compostable compac.



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