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Tangerine Conditioner

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This new product is made with a gentle and moisturizing formula. Its fresh and fruity tangerine aroma is made from a 100% essential oil formula.

There are only natural and quality ingredients carefully chosen by Pure's chemist. Their conditioner is suitable for all the hair in your family and to maximize the benefits, use it in duo with their tangerine shampoo.

Purchase Options


  • Quantities/Pricing in 100 gram/ml portions. If you would like to order more, please additional units. Example: To order 500 grams, add 5 units of this product to your shopping cart. Your Conditioner will be delivered in a sanitized glass container.
  • 240 grams/ml in a Roots Refillery Pump Bottle. Price includes $4 Deposit
  • You are trading an existing Roots Refillery Bottle. Price is for 240 grams/ml, no deposit included.

    • Aqua water
    • Cetyl alcohol 
    • Cetrimonium chloride
    • Stearyl alcohol
    • Panthenol
    • Ceteareth-20
    • Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba seed oil)
    • Argania spinosa (argan kernel oil)
    • Hydrolyzed rice protein
    • Benzyl alcohol preservative identical to nature
    • Ethylhexylglycerin synthetic and biodegradable preservative
    • Tocopherol Antioxidant (vitamin E)
    • Fragrance/Perfume 100% essential oils

    A perfect match with Tangerine Shampoo


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